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jack scarborough - private investigator

Jack Scarborough, with 30+ years in law enforcement has the experience to help you find what you need with confidence and discretion.



We provide a wide variety of private investigation options. From domestic cases such as adultery, child custody concerns, theft, and more. We also provide civil investigations such as fraud, theft, serving of court ordered documents and more. 

security detail

From world leaders and presidents to celebrities and sports figures, we have extensive experience in security detail. Being discreet and professional is very important to us and your safety is always our number one priority. 

special events

With decades of experience in coordinating the correct security protocol for large events such as concerts, sporting events and more, we take care of every aspect of security for these events including permits, staffing and more. 


  • “The amount of experience that Mr. Scarborough brought to the job was invaluable. When preparing a criminal case for trial, he left no stone unturned and no avenue overlooked.”

    Lindsey McClain Byrd, Assistant Solicitor, Ninth Judicial Circuit

  • We held an event that needed security present and Jack and his team executed flawlessly. Everything was a well oiled machine with Jack and his men.

    BJ Carson, BLC Management

  • Through his distinguished and dedicated career, Jack has developed a wealth of knowledge and training and built lasting relationships within the community that make him a standout as a loyal professional.

    Lauren B MulkeyAssistant Solicitor

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