What is a private investigator?
Usually a  person with a background in military or law enforcement.  The skills they learned at their previous careers are key to being a successful PI.  Must be licensed in most states.

Who hires a private investigator?
Anyone who feels they need more information or evidence about a person or situation which needs to be documented by a licensed professional.  Said investigator is capable of completing a thorough investigation up to and including testifying in a court of law.

What should I do before hiring an investigator?
Interview investigator... ask about credentials and experience. Come to an agreement regarding finances/contract

Do private investigators need to be licensed?

Is it possible to verify an investigator's license?
Yes. Please contact your state's Law Enforcement Division

How do PIs charge?
Retainers and/or hourly fees. Fuel/mileage is considered. Our rates are consistent with the area network of investigators.

How do I contact you?
Email: [email protected]
Call: 843-609-6349

What types of services can PIs provide?
Please go to SERVICES tab.

How long does an investigation typically take?
That depends upon many factors. Please call for a consultation.

When can you start?
Please call for a consultation.  We do not put anything on "hold."

What area do you cover?
With our extensive national network we have unlimited coverage area.

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