security consulting


security consulting

Planning a large event that logistically requires a security plan? We can provide it. For  more than two decades, Jack and his team have organized and worked on the security details for enormous events, conventions, rallies and more. When holding a large event, the proper security is key to making the event a success. We are also available as a security consultant to your organization. We know the process, we know what permits to apply for and we know the law. 

We also have been able to provide personal security detail to the United States President and Vice President and all governing officials, celebrities. music and sports figures, foreign governments and more. 

Of course, if you’re looking to hire childcare workers, co-workers or independent contractors, we can provide corporate background checks. And if you’re wanting more information on the man or woman you met on a dating website or your daughter’s new boyfriend, we also provide personal background checks. You may not know what is lurking in the past of people that could work for you.

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